All About Giving Birth

by Your Egyptian Doula Merette
(Topics that will be discussed)

Women’s Rights During Labor and Delivery 

Common medical interventions during labor and delivery 

Informed Decision Making and Advocacy in Birth 

Birth Planning, Priorities and Options 

Questions and Evaluation. 

Your Egyptian Doula: Merette Ramses 

Merette is a lamaze-trained childbirth educator, DONA and BAI-trained birth doula. She is the founder of YourEgyptianDoula and is deeply passionate about all things related to sexual and reproductive health, birth, and empowering women! Merette started her journey as a birth worker and has attended births across different hospitals and birth centers around the world, in Egypt, Tanzania, Cameroon and USA. Merette is a public health specialist and health systems researcher, always looking for the latest evidence in the field!

Duration of the Course: around 3 hours

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