يقدم هذا القسم مجموعة متنوعة من المحاضرات والكورسات التي تهم كل أم.

All About Giving Birth

by Your Egyptian Doula Merette (Topics that will be discussed) Women’s Rights During Labor and Delivery  Common medical interventions during labor and delivery  Informed Decision Making and Advocacy in Birth  Birth Planning, Priorities and Options  Questions and Evaluation.  Your Egyptian Doula: Merette Ramses  Merette is a lamaze-trained childbirth educator, DONA and BAI-trained birth doula. She is …

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Sex After Giving Birth What to expect?

The changes over the course of pregnancy and post-partum sex life.  How does delivery affect sex?  Tips for a healthy sex life with your partner post-pregnancy.  Hala is a clinical psychologist with a special interest in Sexual disorders, Sexual Addiction, sexual abuse, trauma, Infidelity, gender dysphoria and Marital conflicts. she opted to join the European Society of …

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From Couple to Parents

The Psychological Needs and changes By Gloria Botrous The psychological needs of the mother-to-be.  All about post-partum depression.  What can change in the relationship after giving birth.  What are the challenges that face the couple?  How to keep your choices private (set boundaries)  Gloria graduated with a BA in Psychology …

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Baby wellness and breastfeeding

By Dr. Noha Yousef Your baby needs in his/her first hours.  All you need to know about neonatal psychology.  Why breastfeeding is superior? Breastfeeding benefits to babies, mothers and fathers.  Your guidance to effective breastfeeding.  When to feed and how to feed?  Refuting popular misconceptions  Noha yousef Noha is a Neonatologist and Lactation …

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Physical Wellness and Nutrition

by Hadeel Safwat(Topics that will be discussed) Common issues during pregnancy and after birth (ex. pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary incontinence, etc.) Tips and exercises to avoid and/or deal with some natural issues like 3- Edema management during and after pregnancy. Signs of labor and how to differentiate true and false …

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